Calmfit Singlet 3 PACK

Type: Calming

Available in 3-pack, save even more. Superior, breathable, 4 way stretch  super smooth milk polyester /spandex material, full torso coverage. Suitable for children with sensory issues, Autism, Aspergers and ADHD. Best prices - Australian design - in stock, ready to ship.
"Calmfit has been great for our son. He wears the singlet day and night. Our son is now sleeping better through the night; he wakes up but is very easily settled back into his bed"- Parent

 This price is for a 3 pack of Singlets

If you wish to have a Mixed  sizes of Singlet please select Mixed From the Selection and put the sizes in the note section on checkout page.

We have already allowed for the correct amount of gentle sensory compression, so please use the exact chest measurement when deciding on size.

Calming clothing from Calm Fit help children regulate their body and filter sensory information, which enables them to stay calm, help with body awareness, listen and learn. Designed to wear all day, every day to keep the sensory system calm. Reassuring gentle pressure gives proprioceptive feedback (information received from muscles and tendons, concerning body movement and position.

Allow your children to wear their favourite clothing, or school uniform, while enjoying the calming benefits and minimising meltdowns.

Its is a very high quality milk polyester fabric.

It has excellent compression and recovery because of the very high spandex count.

It is very important that the fabric is breathable and can be worn to bed.

The stitching is done with an overlocker and the seams are on the outside to offer less irritation to the skin.

The fabric has a very soft silky feel but at the same time it is a very strong fabric.

What’s it made of?
73% soft milk polyester
27% spandex
4 way stretch
Warp knit fabric
250 GSM

Care Instructions

Gentle cold machine wash
Do not use bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not dry clean
Do not iron
Avoid rough surfaces

100% Australian owned company.


Prior to wearing the Calm Fit, he was waking up frequently, coming into our bedroom and sleeping on my legs. He is calmer himself. We continue to have meltdowns but recovery is quicker and he no longer is seeking a nice block to help him regulate.

Our son does not like taking his calm fit off and becomes anxious prior to showering. Only after showing him his other Calm Fit singlet is he then willing to undress.

Our son describes the Calm Fit as a ‘snuggle.’ I feel it gives him the proprioceptive input he seeks without having his personal space invaded.

Calm Fit is fantastic, one of the best items we have bought for our son with ASD and SPD."

Emily from Bidwell, NSW.

"My 5yr old son Jackson is really loving your T-Shirt. He has recently been Diagnosed ASD + ADHD + SPD. One of his issues is with clothing, so five minutes after coming home from school, he is nude! We tried the shirt on and he really liked the smooth feeling of the material and said it felt snugly. He then wanted to wear it to bed, ok then. I settled him into his bed and OMG he stayed in his own bed all night. This never happens. He is not a good sleeper!
I wonder how he would go at school in QLD warmer weather etc. under his school clothes. That afternoon, there was none of the usual “Where’s your clothes?” “Where is your pants?”, he was playing Lego fully clothed. The teacher said he was a little more settled at our afternoon update on his behaviour. Jackson said "I didn’t do fighting today" when asked how his day was. Yay I say! Less Anxiety for everyone.
So I love and need a shirt for every day and spares just in case. I just had to let you know how Jackson was going and that your shirt is making a difference. Thankyou."

Wendy McKeown

"Fantastic a Great Tool for kids with sensory disorders"