Weighted Snake

Type: Weighted

Sam the Snake

New improved version of our popular weighted snake featuring additional padding and a softer body.

Weighted Snake - approximate weight 1.7 kgs . These plush snakes are filled with approximately 1.7kgs of beads. Soft and cuddly, they make the perfect buddy to hang around your shoulders or coiled up to sit comfortably on your lap.

Designed to give deep pressure input throughout the day. A great addition to your daily sensory diet.


This product is not suitable for a child who may bite, chew or suck the item.

This item is designed for therapeutic use and as such, should be used with adult supervision.

It is NOT A TOY and may not withstand rough treatment.

The snake is filled with beads which give the sensation of movement when squeezed. The beads cannot be too tightly packed as this would cause the snake body to be too firm.

The item cannot be washed but may be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Do not use when wet.

With proper care this item will have a long life.

Colour may vary

Approximate Weight 1.7kg and Length 125cm 

 WARNING: Not for children developmentally and aged under 5 years old.
To be used under adult supervision, contains small parts.