Type: Movement

The HowdaHug chair is a versatile chair can be used in classrooms, at home or in outdoor settings practically anywhere. It's a chair that is lightweight, easy to set up and pack up when needed, a portable chair ready for supportive embrace. It's a seat that embraces and feels like a hug !!

The HowdaHug chair is designed for “fidgety kids” who present a need for deep sensory input to find focus, calm and containment. It's design comes from research and clinical trials to attain the finest possible seating during circle time, on the floor or in a chair. It is clinically trialled and endorsed by professionals and parents alike. The results of clinical trials with the HowdaHug show improvement in a child’s ability to make eye contact with the teacher, sit longer, and maintain attentive behaviour. It has also been produced with interior cushion in the hinge where seat meets floor for smooth rocking.

Know with confidence that HowdaHUG materials are both safe and environmentally-friendly. They consist of 100% cotton canvas and renewable American Basswood, the lightest of the hard woods. Another great feature, all HowdaHUG chairs are made in Maine, USA.

We offer the Howdahug in 3 different sizes :


The HowdaHug Petite seat is a great “first chair” for early years and will set the stage for good posture. HowdaHug Petite, is made especially for little ones to feel safe in their environment.

Recommended Age, Weight & Size

  • Ideal for children ages 3-5+ years.
  • HowdaHUG Petite measurements: 33cm wide x 33cm high x 33cm deep
  • Weight limit approximately 20 kg
  • Available in blue or red


This is the original and most popular seat that fits majority of children.

Recommended Age, Weight & Size

  • Recommended for children age 7-13+years.
  • Weight limit approximately up to 55kg. 
  • HowdaHUG measurements: 40cm wide x 38cm high X 38cm deep
  • Available in Natural or Multicolour


The HowdaHug 2 is a design more suitable for taller or slender built children.

Recommended Age, Weight & Size

  • Recommended for children ages 5-10+ years.
  • Weight limit approximately up to 45kg
  • HowdaHUG2 measurements are 36cm wide by 38cm high and 38cm deep
  • Available in Natural or Multicolour