Autism and the Extended Family

Type: Books

Not many resources examine how autism affects grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Yet, they are all affected by this disorder, too!

Follow Dr Raun Melmed, Developmental Pediatrician, and Maria Wheeler, M.Ed., as they examine the complex relationships that develop, and are changed by an autism diagnosis in the family.


"Autism and the Extended Family will be especially helpful for families with a young child recently diagnosed with autism.  It will help all family members cope with the stress and readjustments that will occur.  It offers practical methods for coping with having a young child who requires extensive therapy or other special needs.  Families will learn that it is normal to grieve."

- Dr Temple Grandin, Author of The Way I See It & The Autistic Brain.

"This is a 'must read' for everyone who is experiencing the impact of autism in their lives.  You will obtain an outstanding depth of knowledge about autism and also the emotional impact it has on the extended family members.  Your life will change when you read the importance of joining the team in supporting your loved ones on this journy called life."

- Kathy Bosco, Director of the Grandparents Support Group, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Centre.