Sand Timer Large


Self awareness, its such an important life skill to have, but some of us may need a little help building that personal skill. Sand Timers are a very useful & a beneficial Tool to assist with that.
From games night to teeth time, shower, bedtime, relaxing and breathing or screen time.... Sand Timers are a great visual aid for adults and children to keep them on track and focused on the time it should take them to complete their intended task.

Sand Timers can also be a great tool to calm and ease anxiety in what may be high pressure situation, for some that can be as simple as picking up the colouring-in pencils in class, as the colorful sand gently and slowly flows down it may be a calming alternative to watching numbers ticking down and subconsciously trying to count the time they have left which may be stressful and distracting. 

Our Sand Timers are brightly coloured and labelled for easy
identification between the various times.   

Size: 16cm x 7cm.