Soundsory Program Headset

Type: Listening

SOUNDSORY® is a Multi-Sensory Home-Based Program, (it is a complete program - no more to spend)! The program consists of specially designed music processed with neuro-acoustic modifications as well as a series of movement-based exercises which combines sound with movements to stimulate the vestibular and auditory systems simultaneously. The main purpose of SOUNDSORY® is to establish good foundations, from the fundamentals of sensory integration to more complex cognitive functions. It is based on a concept known as neuroplasticity: the brain can change itself and create new connections through specific and repeated stimulation.

You can also use the device as a Bluetooth headphones to listen to regular music and make phone calls. Simply switch the button from TF to the Bluetooth logo. Then select « Soundsory » in your device’s bluetooth settings. When used in Bluetooth, the bone conduction sound will be automatically disabled.

The concept behind the product: Neuroplasticity

At any age, the brain can change itself and create new connections throughout specific and repeated stimulation. The SOUNDSORY® program is designed to capture brain attention and provide strong, multi-sensory stimulation. It helps the brain reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. Neurons and neural connections can grow throughout the human lifespan. Soundsory helps the brain to develop new connections.

Who can benefit from this?

SOUNDSORY® is designed to be safe, effective and can help anyone but more specifically people with:

  • Autism spectrum and developmental issues
  • Sensory and Auditory processing disorders
  • Motor delays, balance and coordination
  • ADD and ADHD

Soundsory is suitable for all persons from three years and up.

What to expect?

Soundsory will have an impact on

  • Timing and sequencing skills
  • Praxis and motor planning
  • Perception and navigation in space
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Reading and writing
  • Attention and focus

Movement, Balance and Coordination

The SOUNDSORY® movement program focuses on building proprioceptive abilities through specific, repetitive movement exercises. The rhythmic music program is also designed to stimulate the vestibular system which helps the brain better integrate information related to body position, balance and movement.

Auditory and Sensory processing

The goal of the SOUNDSORY® music program is to activate the neuronal connections in different areas of the brain through the auditory channel and ultimately train the ear and the brain to analyse and process sensory information more quickly and accurately.

The Rhythmic Music Program

The music has been specifically recorded to emphasize the rhythm of sounds in order to activate body movement. In addition, it is electronically processed using a patented dynamic filter system to create specific sound contrasts. This effect is designed to help the brain adapt to these changes as well as to develop the ability to predict the change: just like in real life where you are constantly adapting, predicting and adjusting to the changes around you. Finally, the sound is transmitted using both air and bone conduction to deliver a unique and efficient stimulation of both the auditory and vestibular system.

  • Specifically composed to emphasize rhythm
  • Uses a Patented Dynamic Filter to capture attention
  • Uses bone conduction to stimulate the entire auditory system

The Body Movement Exercises

These exercises are designed to support the integration of the brain and body through a developmental progression. They incorporate the integration of primitive reflexes, while supporting and developing body awareness, postural control as well as body coordination. By strengthening these foundational sensory motor skills, we see improvements in more complex cognitive functions that help to support learning. In 30 minutes a day for 40 days, SOUNDSORY® provides powerful stimulation of the brain and triggers the self-organizing capacities of the nervous system.

  • From primitive reflexes to repetitive complex movement
  • Focus on body awareness and coordination
  • Easy to adapt to you or your clients profile

By strengthening these foundational sensory motor skills, we see improvements in more complex cognitive functions that help to support learning.