Balance Cushion

Type: Movement

Balance cushion provides children with the movement they need while staying seated! Placed on a chair, it gives a similar input to sitting on an exercise ball and/or for providing sensory input during seating for sensory regulation.

This can be discreetly placed on a child’s chair to give ongoing movement while he/she works. The move and sit cushion can also be used as part of a core workout by standing on it and trying to keep centered.

Sensory Tool’s cushions have a soft round edge unlike others which have a hard square edge.

This cushion is sometimes called a Move n Sit, Wobble Cushion, Disco or Wiggle Seat

The cushion is round, 35cm wide - comes with free mini-pump.

Caution when Using Pump!

Take care that the pump does not penetrate through the other side. Damage caused by inserting the pump is not covered under Warranty!