Latex Free Tubing - Sample Pack

Type: Oral Motor

Unsure which grade of latex free tubing best suits your child? Then try our  sample pack of all 6 grades in handy 200mm lengths.

While the tubing comes in varying strengths and is used for exercise another use is to assist with breathing, whereby, each different colour tube had a different diameter hollow section.

The red with a larger opening is the easiest to blow through while the purple with the smallest opening is the more difficult. This way, the tubing is used to assist in the development of a stronger breath.

The tubing can also be used like a straw to blow bubbles with the addition of a cup filled with water and detergent. This method can be used to encourage the long slow exhale needed to develop improved breathing. The 1 meter lengths are ideal for this exercise.

Ideal for therapists, other professionals and parents.

Always use with adult supervision.