Balance Beam - Wave

Type: Movement

An exciting addition to our range of core strengthening equipment this highly practical, easy to clean and store beam, is the ideal item combining core strengthening with balance development.

Balance is an important part of development. Having good balance is important for many activities we do every day. Some of the activities are quite obvious, like walking across a balance beam, and some not so obvious, like maintaining an upright posture in a chair.

The wave balance beam is an ideal way to help with teaching balance, muscle stimulation, sensory stimulation and walking stability. The surface of the beam has a soft hedgehog appearance so it provides texture and much like having your feet massaged.  The wave balance beam comes in two pieces which are made from eva foam, and velcro is used to attach the two pieces together to create one long balance beam. 

The wave balance beam is easy to store, it is lightweight and has a wipe down surface 

Size: (when joined) 220cm x 19cm x 9cm
Color: Black
Packing: 2pcs /per set