Weighted Blanket Cotton Twill

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Type: Weighted

Weighted blankets are not NDIS approved without a completed risk assessment.

The cotton twill fabric is very durable and heavy duty. This blanket would be ideal and suitable for hospitals, institutions or home usage as it is durable to withstand constant washing.
Weighted blankets are like warm hugs; filled with soft micro glass beads they provide opportunity for deep pressure calming input. The weight of the blanket serves as a deep touch therapy, stimulating deep touch receptors all over your body that promote a more grounded and safe feeling to the individual. 

Weighted blankets have traditionally been used by children and adults to achieve a restful nights' sleep. When used correctly a weighted blanket can be a powerful addition to anyone’s sensory tool box.

Weighted Blankets are so versatile, not only for sleeping, the 3kg blanket can be rolled up and placed on shoulders (shoulder collar), folded up and placed on their lap during play using it as a Lap Blanket or using it like a shawl to use the weight across the back of the body.

For sleeping, lay the weighted blanket over the bed to achieve a good night, for both going to sleep and staying asleep. The blanket conforms to the body shape smoothly for a gentle weighted feeling. During the seasons of the year you can easily adapt the weighted blanket to suit the needs of the user.

Weighted blankets might be of benefit if one or more of the following is happening for an individual:

• Difficulties calming to fall asleep

• Restless moving, kicking, pushing up against you or the walls during sleeping

• Enjoys to stack all their toys, books, even chairs onto their bed and crawl under it to have the ‘weighted’ feeling while they rest

• Enjoys lots of rough and tumble play, pushing and pulling, and loves tight hugs

Each blanket comes in a carry case which is suitable for travelling and storing.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the blankets ?
All blankets are the same size 140cm x 210cm 

What weight of blanket should I purchase?
Sensory Tools weighted blanket comes in 4 different weight sizes 3kg, 5kg, 7kg and 9kg. The weight is evenly spread over the whole of the blanket so only part of the blankets weight is actually on the user when sleeping.
e.g. A 5kg blanket is suitable for the average 7 year old who is 127cm tall and weighs 25kg. As the weight is evenly spread over the blanket (which is 203cm long) only half of the blanket weight is on the child which would be 2.5kg (10% of the child’s weight). The advantage or these blankets is as the child grows there is extra weight and the blanket maintains the 10% ratio up to teenage years.

Below is a guide to help determine which size is suitable:
3kg – is suitable for a small child up to 6 years. This blanket may also be folded and used as a shoulder weight, lap blanket and shawl wrap.
5kg – 6-12 years old.
7kg-9kg Suitable for teenager up to and including adults.

Can the blanket be washed?
The blanket can be machine washed, (check machine weight limit for heavier blankets). We suggest using a gentle cycle and line drying.

What is it made of?

The blanket is 100% cotton twill with soft micro glass bead filling.

Does the blanket come with a warranty?                                                     

The weighted blanket has a 3-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

Note: These warranties do not exclude your rights under ACCC Consumer Guarantees.

Note: Due to the blanket being hand made, slight variations of the stated weight may occur - this has negligible effect on the user as the slight variation is spread over the whole blanket.

Here is what our customers are saying

"The only thing that relieves pain in my legs is weight, this is amazing"

"Fantastic quality my son has never slept so well-love it!'

"Loved it , thanks so much very happy ,love the secure feeling while in bed"

'A great, affordable option. Thank you my son loves his cuddle blanket"

'Really helped with Restless legs"