HWT 1st Grade Building Writers


Building Writers offers extra practice for writing skills development. It's easy to incorporate into a writing block as independent writing or as whole group practice to meet your students' varying needs.

Through Building Writers, students become better, more fluent writers as they write about cross-curricular topics and practice three writing styles: narrative, information, and opinion. 

  • Structured practice to build core writing skills
  • Developmental approach to writing
  • Offers customizable writing templates to fit with any topic
  • Builds confident communicators and improves overall communication skills   
  • Practical application of handwriting skills
  • Eliminates the need for worksheets
Building Writers First grade students practice three styles of writing:

Narrative: Write a story in order with details and an ending

InformationWrite topic sentences, facts about their topic, and an ending

Opinion: Write an introduction that states their opinion, reasons that support their opinion, and a conclusion