Hand and Finger trainer 4 Pack

Type: fine motor

These colourful all in one hand and finger trainers can improve all areas of your hand from fingers to wrists and even forearms. 

  • PORTABLE AND PRACTICAL: All in one light, durable and portable hand and finger trainers are designed to be used wherever and whenever you need. Train at home or on the go without having to change or store multiple pieces of equipment.
    • REHABILITATION, RECOVERY AND PREVENTION: Using the hand and finger trainers can help improve hand strength, finger dexterity, joint flexibility and prevent muscle imbalances. Great in assisting injury recovery and easing muscle pain and arthritis. These also allow for a wider range of motion than traditional stress balls, which only give the user a squeezing motion and not the extending ability.
    • DURABLE AND SAFE FOR ALL AGES: These hand and finger trainers are safe for both adults, children/kids and elderly. They have no strong odour and the universal sizing means they will fit all hands – big to small. Easily cleaned and simple to wash under water.
    • OTHER IDEAL USES: The hand and finger trainers are versatile and can also be used for musicians and athletes to help improve and  strengthen muscles, wellness, or recover and rehabilitate old injuries.

    The hand and finger trainer comes in a 4 pack with varying strengths Very Soft (pink) Soft (Blue) Medium (green) Firm (Orange). Made from a TPR material, also known as thermoplastic rubber, it is a material that has properties of both plastic and rubber. It is lightweight and has good abrasion resistance and a good tear strength. TPR is PVC- and BPA-free, so is very safe for children. The TPR rubber is as soft as a gel-like material stretchable and comfortable to use and wear. The diameter is 6cm.