Wikki Stix Travel Pack

Type: fine motor

Wikki Stix - Travel Pack - contains 24 travel size Stix, 8 page booklet of travel fun and a lap size playboard. What are Wikki Stix? They look like pipe cleaners but their not, they are waxy and stick to themselves to create 3D objects, they adhere to almost all smooth surfaces with just fingertip pressure and they are a unique hands-on teaching tools.

Great for the car, train or on flights, they don’t require glue or any other preparation so are easy to carry and require no cleaning up once playtime is over.

So no more, "Are we there yet?" moments while travelling.

Specially formulated from yarn and wax, they are non-toxic. Fun easy to use they are totally reusable. Use them to develop eye-hand co-ordination and fine-motor skills. Excellent for handwriting pre-writing skills as well as practice letter formation and craft projects.


WARNING: Not for children developmentally and aged under 3 years old.
To be used under adult supervision.