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Don’t Let Surprising Sounds Ruin Your Child’s Day: Get Kids Ear Defenders

Children with autism are sometimes bothered by too much noise. From sudden loud noises to busy environments such as stores or the classroom, too much or too many sounds can turn an autistic child’s day from perfectly fine to very frustrating. One issue that parents of children with autism run into is that many noise cancelling ear muffs are developed for adults, so they’re heavy or uncomfortable for children to wear.

That’s why at Sensory Tools Australia, we offer kids ear defenders that are made with children in mind. These very lightweight ear defenders for autism are easy to use and are designed for children ages 2-12. They fold up small for easy storage and transportation and are also created to be smooth and comfortable so as not to cause other sensory issues or be bothersome to your child. While not all children with autism are equally sensitive to sound, for some, kids ear defenders can make it much easier to play with friends, sit in a classroom, and do other fun and engaging things that might otherwise be hard for them.

With many years of experience providing support tools to teachers and parents, Sensory Tools makes it easy to get your child the right tools for success. Operated by Occupational Therapist Genevieve Jereb, everything offered in the store is tested and sure to help. We can even help suggest tools you might not know about yet to go along with your kids ear defenders. Don’t let something fun like an outing with friends turn sour because the park is too noisy, get in touch with Sensory Tools today and find the support you need.