Sensory Tools® offers leading-edge treatment courses and products that specifically address issues associated with
Sensory Processing, Autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, Learning Difficulties, Behavioural and other Developmental Challenges.

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Each person deals with stress and processes things differently. It’s all a part of what makes us unique. While finger tapping or chewing ice while bored or stressed are things that so-called ‘healthy’ adults often engage in, many parents are distressed when their children need similar distractions to function in school or other stress-inducing scenarios. Sensory aids, such as those provided by Sensory Tools, are often an effective way to offer calming relief in overwhelming situations or offer a helpful distraction for busy minds.

Why Children with Autism, ADHD, and SPD Enjoy Sensory Toys

Play helps enhance childhood development in a variety of ways. Yet for children dealing with autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, or sensory processing disorder (SPD), play may look a bit different. Sensory products and toys are often helpful for encouraging play in children who are easily distracted or overstimulated by some other kinds of children’s toys and games. By providing strong sensory feedback, children with autism or other special needs can better process sensations, sights and sounds in a way that is less threatening and which provide a safe point of focus in an often chaotic world.

Because children with autism and similar conditions crave structure and routine, sensory aids are helpful as a predictable and repeatable form of stimuli. No matter what else is going on, a kid can always rely on their fidget ball or chewable bracelet to give them safe sensory feedback in a manageable way. As

parents, we can’t always prevent the unexpected, but we can offer our children tools that help them deal with changes in their own way. Learning just what works for your child may take some time but doing so will likely help them better succeed at school and in a variety of everyday scenarios.

Reasons to Buy Toys for Your Special Needs Child from Sensory Tools®

Sensory Tools® provides more than just toys for children with a wide range of special needs, including autism or ADHD. The sensory toys we sell on our site have all been approved by a respected occupational therapist for their safety and effectiveness. Whether you choose mouldable putty your kid can squish and stretch or weighted toys that provide a therapeutic sense of deep pressure; you will be giving your child a tool they can rely on during stressful situations or help gain better focus at school or home. Be sure to keep an eye on our weekly specials and other deals so that you can save when purchasing sensory products for your child.

At Sensory Tools®, we make getting sensory aids of all kinds simple and easy for families across Australia and worldwide. We also provide the latest information and resources, including workshops designed to help you support your child “from the inside out.” If you have any questions regarding our products and programs, or if you need help selecting a new toy for a child you care about, contact us today to learn more. Our friendly and helpful staff is ready to assist you with these any other queries you may have.