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Calming Sensory Clothing Can Make a World of Difference

For children with autism and other conditions that make sensory processing challenging and sometimes overwhelming, reducing the amount of sensory inputs can make a significant difference in mood and attentiveness. After all, it’s easy to get frustrated or have trouble paying attention when the feeling of

your clothing is all too noticeable. The solution can be simple though. Sensory clothing is designed to be comfortable and feels pleasant for kids who experience sensory processing issues and can play a significant role in helping kids with autism calm down and feel at home.

Thankfully you can find reliable sensory clothing at Sensory Tools® Australia for just this purpose. The t- shirts and singlets we offer are made from breathable, stretchy material specially designed for kids with ADHD, autism, and Asperger’s. This calm clothing is ideal for sleepwear and makes it much easier for children with these conditions to fall asleep without being bothered by scratchy fabrics, or seams. For these shirts, we’ve put the seams on the outside and, since they’re made with a high spandex count, the fabric compresses more than most. This compression can be very comforting and helps kids feel secure while going to sleep.

Developed by Occupational Therapist Genevieve Jereb, Sensory Tools® is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of excellent comfort-oriented products. Everything here has been tested over 14 years of operation, and we’re sure the tools we provide will help any child with sensory processing difficulties. Bedtime can be a complicated process with any child and being overwhelmed by sensory information is frustrating for both kids and their parents when this time rolls around. Sensory clothing can help turn bedtime into a peaceful moment with your child instead of a frustrating experience.