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A Guide to Choosing the Right Toys, Tools, and Equipment for a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder

When it comes to shopping for sensory processing equipment for kids, you are primarily looking for toys that double as tools. In most cases, toys serve two primary purposes: fun and education. Children play with them because doing so is enjoyable. With the best toys, that play often teaches a lesson or develops a vital skill.

The same is true for sensory processing disorder toys, but the stakes are higher. An excellent sensory disorder toy can give a child the sensory input they need, help them overcome their fears or anxieties and teach them skills they will need for proper growth, learning, and development. A quality sensory disorder toy accomplishes all the above while also being a lot of fun for the child during playtime. Finding toys that strike this balance isn’t always effortless — primarily since the average toy store doesn’t cater to kids with sensory processing disorders.

Find the Right Sensory Processing Disorder Equipment by Shopping at Sensory Tools®

At Sensory Tools®, we take our job very seriously. We like to say that we carry sensory processing disorder tools (hence our brand name) because the toys we sell have such pronounced benefits. Founded by an occupational therapist 14 years ago, Sensory Tools® is a business that chooses its product inventory based on items that have substantial therapeutic value. Of course, we are also always looking for toys that children will consider to be fun. However, our emphasis on therapeutic value explains why we believe our products to be tools more than toys.

​ Visit our product category pages on our website, and you will often see that they not only provide lists of products but also explanations for why those products are valuable for sensory therapy. For instance, our product category page for swings explains that a swing—while being a lot of fun—can also provide vestibular (movement) input necessary for proper development. Swings are relaxing and enjoyable, but they can also function as a tool to help children with sensory processing disorders.

Similarly, our page for soft play toys indicates that these products aren’t just colourful and fun, but that they also provide sensory input in the tactile, visual, proprioceptive, and vestibular categories. These explanations make it easier for parents to choose the right products for their kids, based on their child’s specific fears or anxieties.

Contact Us Today for Help Picking the Right Sensory Processing Disorder Tools

If you are shopping for sensory processing disorder toys that your kids will love, but that will also deliver a clear therapeutic value, then Sensory Tools is the right place to start. Exploring our website, you will find tools to help with everything from movement anxieties to fidgeting. Of course, if you need help finding toys that your kids would like, our staff is happy to help. We are always available to help parents, whether by explaining the differences between two products or recommending tools based on specific types of sensory input. Reach out today to start a conversation.