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The Benefits of Sensory Toys for Autistic Children and Other Special Needs Kids

While all children rely on their senses to explore and discover more about their world, this can sometimes be difficult for autistic kids and children with Asperger’s or sensory processing issues. To help foster healthy early childhood development in your special needs child, you may want to consider getting toys made for autistic children or other behavioural/developmental issues. More than just toys, Sensory Tools® provides a range of products designed to stimulate and provide therapeutic relief for kids with a wide range of needs.

Tips for Buying Toys for a Special Needs Child

Children with autism and special needs and sensory processing issues often have difficulty receiving and suitably responding to the sensory information processed by the brain. For example, they may be oversensitive to textures, have increased or decreased spatial awareness, or may be particularly sensitive to light or sound. While each child’s needs may vary, in many cases sensory toys can help by providing either a therapeutic distraction or a replacement for distressing sensory experiences.

Just because children with autism and associated conditions often experience sensory challenges doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be encouraged to play with toys that stimulate their senses. Sensory toys made for children are often a non-threatening way to introduce tactile sensations and other forms of stimuli. Special needs children can also benefit from toys that encourage social interaction and cooperation, as well as those designed to boost motor skills.

Some examples of toys made for autistic children or those with similar issues include fidget balls and cubes that can help relieve stress, as well as weighted toys designed to provide a calming sense of pressure. These and other tools are often useful for children with a wide range of special needs, allowing them to better cope with everyday stresses at home and in school.

When to Consider Getting a Sensory Toy for Your Child

If your child has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, autism, Asperger’s, or ADHD, he or she may benefit from playing with toys designed with their special needs in mind. All sensory toys and other products at Sensory Tools® have been chosen by an occupational therapist for their therapeutic value, and therefore are made to deliver a fun and developmentally-appropriate experience for your child. We also provide other sensory products, such as calming clothing that help kids better filter sensory information or chewable jewellery that offers a healthy alternative to chewing on wrists, fingers, or clothing.

When you buy online from Sensory Tool®, you will benefit from our secure ordering, affordable prices, and fast shipping throughout Australia and worldwide. We are continually updating our stock with leading-edge toys and other tools for autistic children with and sensory issues, and frequently offer specials on some of our most popular items.

If you are looking for the right toys for a special needs child in your life, Sensory Tools® is here to help. Contact us for more information, or to learn how your child could potentially benefit from the use of sensory toys and other therapeutic products.