Bamboo Tunnel

Type: Movement

These Bamboo Lycra Tunnel's provide resistance when moved in, making it an ideal tool for core exercise, deep pressure input, and gross motor skills, all while helping to support regulation. 

These Bamboo Lycra Tunnels can be used in so many ways. Kids will love the challenge of crawling through the tunnel taking an object from one end to the other, by pushing a gym ball through (55cm or smaller) or crawling through the tunnel and going over a crash mat/pillow.

Directions for use:

  1. Firstly lay out the tunnel in a straight line.
  2. Next a responsible adult should, at one end, place two feet, approximately 50cm apart on the bottom layer of the fabric.
  3. Then using both hands, again approximately 50cm apart grip and lift the top layer of fabric, forming an opening.
  4. Allow the child to crawl in to complete the journey through the tunnel.
  5. Continue holding the opening end until the child has exited from the other end.