CD-3 Set Indigo Dreams

Type: Books/CD

Relaxation and Stress Management Stories for Younger and Older Children Improve Sleep, Manage Stress, Lower Anxiety, Reduce Anger, and Increase Self-Esteem

created by Lori Lite • ISBN 9780978778194 • (approximately 180 minutes)

 Children improve sleep with the Indigo Dreams 3 CD/audiobook collection of all thirteen of Lori Lite’s award-winning stories for younger and older children. The various research-based techniques of breathing, visualizations, progressive muscle relaxation and affirmations are introduced as stress management strategies to help your child throughout their life. This set includes Indigo Dreams, Indigo Ocean Dreams, and Indigo Dreams: Garden of Wellness. (180 minutes) Each story is accompanied by sounds of nature and soothing music to further enhance your child’s relaxation experience.