CD-Jumpin Jellybeans

Type: CD

Jumpin' Jellybeans is the newest collection of songs from Gen Jereb and Friends. Inspired by and dedicated to her “Cabin 12 Kids” at Camp Avanti in Hudson Wisconsin USA, this new collection keeps kids involved in directed activities to enhance attention and alertness, provide rhythmic entrainment, improve body awareness, and strengthen overall patterns of respiration. And kids will have loads of fun along the way! The 24-page full colour booklet includes lyrics to all the songs, with many activities detailed in the text alongside.

This album includes:

  • the stretching exercises built in to “Starfish” (I’m as tall as a tree [stand tall with hands shooting above head] / I’m as wide as a bridge [lift arms horizontal])
  • the barnyard sounds of “Party ’Til The Cows Come Home” (We're gonna shoo in the sheep [baa baa] / Hustle up the horses [blow through lips]) that deepen the breath
  • the deep bodywork built-in to “Push My Blues Away”

With Jumpin’ Jellybeans, Gen Jereb and Friends once again combine light-hearted, fun musical arrangements with solid sensory processing principles and an Aussie twist.

What they’re saying:

“I am an Occupational Therapist working with special needs children in Ottawa. I heard Gen's first CD a year ago (had never heard of her before) and was so impressed that I attended her workshop in Montreal last May. Was just as impressed with the workshop as the CD. I purchased her other CD's and spread them throughout the classes in the two schools where I work. All of the teachers love them!! Gen told me she thought her best CD was Jumpin’ Jellybeans so I ordered it as soon as it was available.

I must say, I agree with her although I find them all to be fabulous. As I walk through the Special Needs school I hear her music coming from every classroom. I showed the Principal the latest CD and she ordered one for every class!! The CD’s have even filtered into the regular kindergarten and Grade 1 classes. Thank you Gen!!” — a teacher from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

The songs:

  1. Starfish
  2. Party ‘Til the Cows Come Home
  3. Hide’n’Seek
  4. Ain’t That Funky Now?
  5. Cool Cat
  6. Croc Hunt
  7. Funky Chicken (What’s That You Say?)
  8. Alligator Attack
  9. Jellybeans
  10. Hip Hop
  11. Milkshake
  12. Deep in the Forest
  13. Jello
  14. Wally Wombat
  15. Scarecrow
  16. Penguin Song
  17. Ready Set Go! (Wiggle)
  18. Row The Boat
  19. Push My Blues Away

Order the album as a digital download on iTunes, or on CD with the 24-page booklet direct from Sensory Tools.