Crash Mat - Small unfilled

Type: Movement

Crash Mat - Size Small (unfilled)

Dimensions: 100cm by 130cm

Colour: Red and Blue & Green (sent randomly unless otherwise stated)

1 pack of foam pieces (not included) required to fill mat.

Made from a UV resistant vinyl fabric, easy to wipe clean. Has an inner net bag with zipper enclosure. Place the Inner bag inside the outer before filling. The outer bag has both a zip closure and a Velcro closure.

NOTE: Foam off-cuts are the recommended filling, when using the mat for therapeutic purposes, as the foam pieces make an uneven surface whereby the person crawling on the bag suddenly finds a hollow and has to adjust their posture to compensate thus strengthening their core stability.

Perfect for the clinic, preschool, school and home and is an essential part of your sensory diet. Kids will love to jump and crash into these crash mats providing much needed heavy work and deep pressure input.

*To be used under adult supervision at all times. At no point should the individual’s face be covered by the crash mat*

To fill Small Crash Mat, One Bag of Foam Pieces is Required

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