Jolly Heap Magnetic Blocks

Jolly Heap Magnetic Blocks

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Sensory Tools is excited to be the Australian distributor of these creatively amazing blocks

The Jolly Heap Magnetic Blocks can be used in a number of different ways and settings. Adapt the blocks into your home, classroom, child care centre, physiotherapy clinic or adapt the blocks in occupational therapy sessions. The blocks can help develop hand and eye co ordination, fine motor skills, gross motor and physical integration.

The blocks are cleverly designed to be magnetised with easy connection. Build and construct any structure imaginable. Once the structure is built it will hold and have stability. All components of the product are soft, comfortable, big enough to easily grip, there are no sharp edges and they are safe and practical for all ages. The blocks are made of durable and safe material. They can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The blocks are hard wearing and are made to last for hours of play !

We OFFER the blocks in three different pacakges either 100 piece or 150 piece.


This package includes 2 shapes cube 70 pieces and triangle 30 piece


This package includes 4 shapes cube 76 pieces, triangle 12 pieces, cube with one edge sliced off 8 pieces & pyramid 4 pieces

JOLLY HEAP JOY 150 pieces

This package includes 2 shapes cube 100 pieces & triangle 50 pieces


 Watch this link to see how the blocks work 


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*Please note it will take 7-10 days for delivery from the date of placing your order.


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