Kaiko Wooden Magic Ball - Fidget & Massager

Type: Fidget

The centre wooden ball moves and rolls in the palms of your hand, as does the wooden sleeve around it. Feels great rolled between two hands or used one handed - the options are endless with this one. These are small and discreet and perfect to pop in your pocket and take anywhere! They are quiet making them ideal for the workplace, travel or the classroom.

Kaiko Fidget sensory tools can assist with...

  • Supporting mental health & reducing anxiety
  • Emotional regulation & sensory input
  • Focus & concentration - great study or work tool
  • Tactile awareness & desensitisation
  • Hand function – improving fine motor, strength & circulation
  • Managing stress
  • Active listening - can increase focus & attention
  • Reducing unhelpful habits - such as nail biting, tapping, hair twirling, pen clicking & leg bouncing etc.
  • Sensory seeking substitution - finding a more socially acceptable outlet for sensory preferences

5cm outer diameter & thickness approx 1.8 cms