Peanut Ball Anti-Burst 45cm

Type: Movement

Peanut Ball 45cm x 90cm Anti-burst - yellow (pump valued at $5.90 included)

Peanut Balls are great for kids who struggle with:

  • Balance (vestibular input)
  • Developmental Delays
  • Gross motor skills
  • Low muscle tone
  • Sensory seeking behaviours

Just Inflate for Hours of Fun and Healthy Exercise! This unique design challenges children to balance as they roll and bounce also providing an ideal medium for balance training, strengthening and proprioceptive activities. Further, it enhances focus by supporting the need for movement and builds core strength. The contoured saddle provides stability and is shaped for forward and back rotation as well as side to side. This provides greater stability than a round ball. Its unique shape allows a therapist to work on activities that might otherwise be somewhat risky on a traditional therapy ball. The ball is recommended for daily exercise and therapy programs, such as those specified by occupational therapists. It is easy to inflate (a pump is included), holds up to 100kg

Exercising with a Peanut Ball can provide help for children who struggles with attention, focus and behaviour issues in the classroom, which could be due to low muscle tone or poor balance and coordination. Exercises for strengthening the prone (tummy) and supine (back) may be helpful for learning in the classroom, handwriting, copying notes from the chalkboard, and listening to the teacher. A great addition for any Engine or Sensory Room.

Use the Peanut Ball as part of your core work out, as described in the ’Core Concepts’, ’Astronaut Training’ and ’Fitness on the Ball’ series. The body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging many more muscles than training directly on hard surfaces.

These anti burst Peanut Balls are made from quality durable material that reduces the incidence of the ball bursting if struck with a sharp object. 

Also available in the larger 50cm size

These are 90cm long