Sensory Projector Light

Type: Relaxation

Our Sensory Projector Light is a great relaxing and calming addition to your child’s room or sensory space. 

When used in a bedroom, sensory room, cubby house or sensory tent this projector light can help create a sensory calming experience while simulatenously stimulating creativity and capturing a child's imagination.

Our sensory projector light will allow your child’s creative imagination dive into an underwater world with dolphins and whales slowly swimming across the ceiling with bubbles, starfish and sea snails floating around or sleep under the stars immersing themselves into a cosmic galaxy of relaxing & cool colours.

The light smoothly transitions from soft white to colour combined with the soothing rotation it will create a dreamlike atmosphere. You can opt to have light changing colours or leave it on your child’s favourite colour to help them relax.

Cordless option makes it the perfect light for any bedroom, inside your child’s favourite play tent or in the cubby house they have just built in the loungeroom with blankets and pillows!

This projector light has 3 projector styles with under water world, galaxy stars and moon or just a solid light.
It has so many colours and options to choose from, each night will be a new experience.

Check out a preview of the lights different features below,
video's taken in our new sensory tent.

Package Includes:

1 x Projector Lamp (white or black, chosen at random)

1 x Stary Night Galaxy Projector Display Cover

1 x Underwater World Projector Display Cover

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

For portable use place 4 x AAA batteries (not included) into the base
Includes a USB cord.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using the USB cable if you would like to use it longer than 30minutes.

Do not use the USB cable and batteries at the same time.

This is not a toy, it should always be used with adult supervision.