String Pipe - Bottle Shape

Type: Breathing

String Pipe - Bottle Shape.

Encourages prolonged airflow
Encourages visual monitoring of string (in all directions)
Encourages isolated finger movements to manage string in prearation for blowing

Options for Therapeutic Use

Someone tries to grab the string as it hangs down and before the child can blow it up (pretend to grab - don’t break the yarn which is very lightweight)
How long can you keep the string moving?
Rotate the pipe slightly from side to side while blowing and watch patterns the string makes.
Can you make the string go sideways? Down? (Good for downward and Lateral gaze)

String must be straight in order to work properly
Knotted ends must be clipped short to allow smooth circulation
The pipe makes no sound when blown
If the pipe stem splits from biting, pull it out and use the other end

WARNING: Not for children developmentally and aged under 3 years old.
To be used under adult supervision. 
Contains small parts, may be a choking hazard.