Weighted Plush Lizard

Weighted Plush Lizard

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Lenny the Lizard is soft to touch, has a pattern which resembles lizard scales and is the heaviest in our range weighing 2.8 kg. Like the other weighted animals, the lizard is a great tool for those with Tactile Defensiveness and who would like a different option from  Percy the Platypus, Weighted Snake, Turtle or Alli the Alligator.

Soft and cuddly, they make the perfect buddy to hang over your shoulder, or sit comfortably on your lap. Designed to give deep pressure input throughout the day.
A great addition to your daily sensory diet.

This item is designed for therapeutic use and as such, care should be taken with its use.
It is not a toy and although it is well designed and made with an internal lining to contain the beads, it may not withstand rough treatment.

This Weighted Animal weighs approx. 2.8 kilos and may be cleaned with a damp cloth.


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