Autism courses - the benefit to parents teachers and therapists

Autism courses - the benefit to parents teachers and therapists

With many courses available online it can be confusing trying to guess which one to take. Some short free courses offer small insights into methods for coping with a person on the spectrum and are of some benefit. 

If you take a comprehensive workshop it will not only explain why a child (or adult) on the spectrum has difficulty processing input signals to the brain - a "Traffic Jam" of signals leaving the person confused and not knowing which signal to respond to or how to sort through and deal with the input. 

One such workshop, which has been around for several years, and has been attended, both live and online by thousands of parents, teachers and therapists in Australia,and around the world, is "The Traffic Jam in My Brain" presented in a thoroughly easy to follow, entertaining and comprehensive way by Genevieve Jereb OT. and song writer.

The feedback from this workshop is overwhelmingly positive and can leave some parents in tears bringing them to comment "Now I understand what my child is going through".

So, by all means take a look at some of the short free online courses where you will undoubtedly pick up some useful information, but for the full picture, look to a comprehensive, easy to follow workshop.