Lycra sheets are not a replacement for weighted blankets

Lycra sheets are not a replacement for weighted blankets

Seriously, could anyone think that a tight fitting Lycra sheet is an alternative for a weighted blanket. I know you are thinking "What about those clips circulating on Facebook". Well lets take a closer look at a couple I have seen, one shows a child crawling in and out of the sheet. It might make a good game but is that what you want when you are hoping your child will go to sleep. I like the one that shows a child tossing and turning under a cot size blanket, really would you put such a small blanket on a child that size?

You may have decided I am writing this blog because our company sells Weighted Blankets, not so, we could sell Lycra sheets but choose not to inflict them onto unsuspecting people.

Weighted blankets should be full single bed size, they should be soft and apply pressure evenly over the body. The suggested weight ratio is 10% of the child's body weight. With a full size blanket weighing 5 kg and, let's say, a 4 year old weighing 25 kg, a full size blanket would have around half of the weight (2.5 Kg) on them with the other half on the bed, as the child does not take up the full bed they only have half of the overall blanket on them. As the child grows the ratio of weight to the child's size remains at around the 10% mark. No need to go out and buy a bigger and heavier blanket.

On the other hand a Lycra sheet only touches a child laying on their side on parts of the body with the greater pressure on the shoulder and hips, there is no way of measuring what this weight is. There is no sense of feeling secure as on either side of the child are air gaps. Not very warming on a winter's night.

Anyway if you are not convinced go ahead and try the Lycra sheet. If you can manage to get a Lycra sheet onto a mattress (a very difficult task indeed), have someone film it, it will be a hit on YouTube.