Weighted Blankets - Sensory Tools

Weighted Blankets - Sensory Tools

Weighted blankets are like warm hugs; they provide opportunity for deep pressure calming input. The weight of the blanket serves as a deep touch therapy, stimulating deep touch receptors all over your body that promote a more grounded and safe feeling to the individual.

Weighted blankets have traditionally been used by occupational therapists as a means to help children with sensory disorders, anxiety, stress, or issues related to autism, and research continues to support this practice.

When used correctly a weighted blanket can be a powerful addition to anyone’s sensory tool box.

All Seasons Weighted Blankets are so versatile, not only for sleeping, the 3kg blanket can be rolled up and placed on shoulders (shoulder collar), folded up and placed on their lap during play using it as a Lap Blanket or using it like a shawl to use the weight across the back of the body.

For sleeping, lay the All Seasons Weighted Blanket over the body as you would with a normal blanket to achieve a good night, for both going to sleep and staying asleep. The blanket conforms to the body shape smoothly for a gentle weighted feeling. During the seasons of the year you can easily adapt the weighted blanket to suit the needs of the user.

During Summer use the blanket without a cover, for autumn and spring when the nights are cooler place the blanket inside a doona/quilt cover for extra warmth. In winter the blanket can be placed inside the doona/quilt cover with the doona/quilt.

Visit Sensory Tools web site for full details regarding selecting the correct weight etc. 

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