What to look for when purchasing a weighted blanket

What to look for when purchasing a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets can be very expensive so here are a few tips to consider before making a purchase:

The blanket should be soft and mold to the body shape giving an even pressure. The filling should move soundlessly - micro glass beads are excellent for their soft feel and lack of noise that other pellets type filling can make.

Can the blanket be used year round? - There are blankets available that can be used in all seasons, there is not much use purchasing a blanket that will be too hot in summer.

Is it washable? - Blankets can become soiled and need washing - choose a blanket that can be washed. Lighter blankets can usually be machine washed but heavier blankets may exceed the washing machine's recommended weight limit and need to be hand washed. If the blanket requires frequent washing a heavy duty blanket may be the way to go.

What weight and size blanket should I buy? - Generally the weight recommended is 10% of the persons body weight, a full single bed size is the best option as the child will not outgrow it, for example:-

Sensory Tools All Seasons Weighted Blankets come in 3 weights, 3kg, 5kg and 7kg. and are full single bed size 140cm x 210cm.  As the weight is evenly spread over the whole bed, only part of the blankets weight is actually on the user when sleeping.
For example a 5kg blanket is suitable for the average 7-year-old who is 127cm tall and weighs 25kg. Only half of the blanket weight is on the child which would be 2.5kg (10% of the child’s weight). The advantage or these full size blankets is, as the child grows there is extra weight and the blanket maintains the 10% ratio up to teenage years.

Can I return it if my child doesn't like it? Check that the company you make the purchase from has a return policy that allows you to return the blanket if it is unsuitable.

There is a large range of blankets on the market so have a good look at what is available before deciding.