Weighted Sensory Toys

These toys are specially designed to provide the best possible calming outcome with size, weight, shape and textures giving the ultimate spread of weight, soft feel and safety with an inner bag to contain the beads.
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Weighted Snake
New improved version of our popular weighted snake featuring additional padding and a softer body.Weighted...
$64.00 $59.00
Weighted Junior Turtle
 Our Junior weighted turtle is ideal for tiny tots or anyone who would desire a ...
$57.95 $49.00
Weighted Fur Platypus
Welcome Percy The Platypus into your life. (Includes illustrated story book)Soft and cuddly, they make the...
$89.95 $73.00
Weighted Plush Platypus - with story book
 Percy is one of the very special weighted animals in the Sensory Tools range. Soft and...
$89.95 $73.00
Weighted Plush Alligator
The plush Alligator has a softer touch, is green in colour, he is a great tool for...
$89.95 $73.00
Weighted Plush Lizard
Lenny is just one of the weighted animals in the Sensory Tools range, and like...
$89.85 $73.00
Weighted Turtle
 Our weighted turtle is ideal for anyone who would desire a lighter weighted product. These...
$64.00 $59.00
Weighted Plush Alligator and Gen Jerebs Say Gday CD
For All of those Children who would like the Alli Alligator Package. You can have...
$97.95 $79.95
Popper & Weighted Alligator Bundle
For all those children who like alligators they will love this bundle !! You can...