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A Balance Cushion is a Great Tool for Helping ADHD Children

Occupational therapists have to choose from a wide selection of tools and equipment for the benefit of the special needs children with whom they work. ADHD students have particular requirements to help them focus and learn. Fortunately, there are many tools available designed with them in mind. One such tool is a balance cushion (also known as a wiggle seat, wobble cushion, ADHD cushion, move n sit, stability disc or exercise disc). Although balance cushions offer benefits to many people (kids and adults) who do not have ADHD, they are mainly helpful to ADHD and other special needs children.

At Sensory Tools, our Move & Sit Cushion is a comfortable balance cushion option. It is common for typical balance cushions to have a hard square edge, but ours have soft round edges. It can easily be placed on a chair so that a child can comfortably receive its benefits. It allows the child to remain in motion while they work. This helps children with ADHD to focus as sitting for long periods can make concentration difficult for many children with ADHD. The movement provided and required by a balance cushion can be a great solution to this problem.

Our Move & Sit Cushion functions in a way that is similar to an exercise ball. It activates the core and other muscles. It also provides sensory input for physical regulation while the child is seated. You can order our Move & Sit Cushion online or contact us with any enquiries; our friendly representatives are ready to assist you.