Exercise Bands - 3 Pack


These exercise bands, also known as Theraband, provide resistive input all over the body and can be used in a variety of ways. Use them as part of your own core work out program or as used in 'Fitness on the Ball' and 'Core Concepts' series.

 What is the difference?

LIGHT bands are classified as light resistance. This means that they are very stretchy, and it takes little effort to pull against them and stretch them out. Light resistance bands are used for working areas such as the shoulders and shins, where you don't need much resistance to feel the muscle working.

MEDIUM resistance bands are medium resistance. These bands are less stretchy and have more tension than light bands. These bands are used for muscle groups that need slightly more tension, such as the biceps or triceps.

HEAVY resistance bands are heavy resistance. These are much more stiff than light or medium and do not provide as much stretch. Heavy bands are for those who are very strong, or for those larger muscle groups, such as the legs, chest and back. These are also the bands to use when working out with someone else--when two people pull against a band.