Mindful & Co Kids Yoga Memory Card Game

Type: Relaxation

This hand-illustrated Memory Card Game features 12 pairs (24 cards in total) of fun, easy to follow hand-illustrated yoga pose cards that, when matched, can be replicated by your little one.

Through the joy of play, these cards will inspire your children to learn, while enhancing their concentration and cognitive function and encouraging mindfulness and physical movement.

This Memory Card Game can be enjoyed alone, with friends, with adults or in the classroom and includes a helpful instructional card for parents.

Cards are approximately 16cm x 16cm

Some core benefits:

✔ Increased ability to relax

✔ Increase in overall well-being

✔ Increase in physical well-being

✔ Increased positive regard and affect

✔ Increase in positive daily functioning

✔ Improved mood

✔ Greater self-awareness

✔ Improvement in sleep

✔ Tools to deal with negative thoughts

✔ Learn to take time out to just be

✔ Great self-acceptance

✔ Increased compassion to self and others


WARNING: Not for children developmentally and aged under 3 years old.
To be used under adult supervision.