10 Best Selling Sensory Tools®

10 Best Selling Sensory Tools®

There are a large range of Sensory Tools® available on the market, here is a selection consider to be the best, they feature items that assist with improving core strength through to focusing and calming.

1. Children's Ear Defenders, by far the number one item, perfect for having on hand when the surrounding noise becomes overwhelming, folding to a small size they can be easily carried in a handbag. 



2. Cushion Move & Sit - round - Ideal for helping develop core strength perfect size with round sides, the cushion is air filled and comes with a pump to use should you decide to increase the amount of air (mostly the amount of air in the cushion is sufficient). One side has a textured finish for those who may like the massage feel while the other side is smooth.


3. Stress Ball - simple but effective, squeezing this round yellow ball helps relieve stress.


4. Jari Stool - another core strengthening tool. It is height adjustable and helps build core strength (a most important aspect of development) there is no slouching when sitting on one of these popular stools and having to adjust body posture assist with concentration.


5. Time Timer - a whole range of products to help keep focused on the task as a bold visual display slowly disappears as time runs out. Find one that suits your needs.


6. Weighted Toys - a range of specially developed weighted animals have been developed to assist with calming. Using one of these specially designed animals featuring different coverings and weights can have calming benefits when placed on the lap, great to use when seated at the table, at school or while watching TV.


7. Theraputty - comes in different grades ranging from soft through to firm. Ideal for strengthening hand mussels to improve grip. The putty also has a calming effect as it is squeezed.


8.Weighted Blankets - as with the weighted toys, blankets are used for calming. Children and adults who like to feel pressure and sometimes heap bedding on themselves will benefit from these blankets. They are made with a lightweight cover and can be used all year round, even in the hot weather.Blankets come in full single bed size and are also available in a smaller lap size.


9. Vibrating Toys and Pillows - calming can be found by hugging one of these vibrating pillows or by using a vibrating beetle or frog to give sensory input to the back and shoulders


10. Water Timers - perfect for calming and relaxing, purchase individually or buy the set of 4.



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