Workshop for Special Needs Teachers - Sensory Tools

Workshop for Special Needs Teachers - Sensory Tools

Have you ever used the term “no apparent reason” when discussing a child’s behaviour? What you really meant was – no reason that was apparent to me, as I don’t understand that child’s thought process, what causes them to become upset, to lash out or to have a meltdown.

There are any number of books on the subject, but nothing beats hearing what may be behind the behaviour that you don’t understand. It is quite possible your training did not equip you for the position you find yourself in, caring for students with sensory issues.

Workshops can be a great place to start along the path of understanding. The best option is to have a number of teachers from one school attend so they all have a common understanding and are ‘all on the same page’. Some schools realize the importance of this and even go to the extent of having student free days to coincide with the workshop.

“The Traffic Jam in My Brain” workshop is presented in a dynamic, fun filled way by international speaker Genevieve Jereb, Paediatric Occupational Therapist. who will deliver  insight to the needs of the students and give you a bundle of “Gold Nuggets” of wisdom and a greater awareness of strategies to put into place easing stress all round.

This workshop is available online (commencing 1st October). Register now at: