What are our most popular fidget toys?

What are our most popular fidget toys?

Sensory Tools Australia stocks a wide variety of fidget toys. Fidget toys are great sensory needs resources and are a great way to keep hands busy. Many people (in fact most of us), need to fidget in order to concentrate this can be particularly noticeable with people affected by ADHD or Autism. Having a toy to stretch or twist can be of assistance in this area.

We have selected five of our most popular fidget toys to talk about in this blog.

Starting off with Theraputty. We stock four different grades of Theraputty, including soft (yellow), medium soft (red), medium (green) and firm (blue). Theraputty is ideal for developing hand-muscle strength and increasing endurance. To gently increase range of motion or reduce stiffness, start by using soft yellow. As strength increases, gradually increase the resistance of putty. 

Next up is our popular Bendy Man. The bendy man can strengthen the hand providing a workout for the fingers. They also have a resistance which can help with strengthening hand muscles. 

Our Fidget Ball is an excellent stress reliever. This fidget ball is about the size of a baseball and securely holds inside 11 brightly coloured balls. By pushing one of the coloured balls in and sideways to fill the empty hole, it then leaves another hole to fill, and so it continues. The inner balls are too big to actually pop out of the outer ball so you never have to worry about losing pieces.

The popular Squeeze Bean is great for relieving stress and keeping your hands busy. This fidget toy is great as it comes with a phone and keyring attachment, allowing you to take it anywhere.

Our Mesh Ball is a great fidget tool and stress reliever, for anyone who loves slime! Also when the mesh ball is squeezed it resembles a bunch of grapes and reveals a contrasting colour for a wonderful sensory experience. Besides the mesh ball being ideal for stress relief it is also ideal for its calming effects, good for enhancing fine and gross motor skills, great for strengthening hand muscles.